Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I don't own a ton of things with prints on them.  There is no particular reason for this other than, when I shop I always seem to gravitate towards solids, stripes, or plaids which is hardly a fun wardrobe in the making.  I have been shopping the final end of season sales for the past few weeks and I find myself drawn to this dress again and again from multiple online retailers.  Its perfectly loose with a great pleated detail at the back neck.  The color and style can not only be worn with a great over coat and black tights during these cold months but it will transition perfectly into the warmer months that for some of you can't come soon enough.  It hasn't quite made it into a shopping cart yet but it keeps calling my name.

On sale now pick one up HERE

Monday, February 3, 2014

Light As A Feather.....

Like many of you I do my fair share of online shopping.  This mild obsession unfortunately comes with a ton email blasts.  Those darn blasts, a blessing and a curse all at mixed into one little email.  As I was going through deleting my blasts for the day one from Z Gallerie opened and this beauty appeared.  Its perfectly lovely and delicate and if I had a spot in my home for it, it would be mine.