Monday, August 22, 2016

Love High...Buy Low...

Its been FOREVER since I did a love high buy low post and I can't wait to share what I found for you all. Unless you have all been living under a rock I am sure you have all heard of the famed Self Portrait brand that sprung to popularity in the past year. I remember seeing them on the Asos home page about a year ago now and really really wanted one but with a price tag of over 400 bucks a pop it just wasn't in the cards or my budget. *Insert crying face here* There have been quite a few inspired by dresses that I have seen but when I saw this one from H&M today I just had to share it with you all. The one at the top is the original the one at the bottom is the one that is the more budget friendly option. Enjoy!


Self Portrait version available here and its on sale, H&M version here 

Monday, August 1, 2016


Hey everyone!!!  Its been a whole minute since I posted on my blog but you know how it is when life starts happening and time slips away from you.  I am not sure if you all follow me on Instagram but I definitely update that on a more regular basis and would love for you to stop by.  My name is the same as my blog, Blankwhiteframes. :)  For those of you that follow me on the gram I am sure that you have noticed my love affair with this marigold color.  There is something about this bold yellow color that I can't get enough of this summer.  I found this dress a couple weeks ago at one of my favorite stores, Antho, and outfitted with this pair of simple brown sandals made for the perfect Sunday look.  I have missed you all so much.  New week, Let's Go!

Anthropologie dress sold out but like this option and this one, Target Sandals here, Thrifted clutch that is one of my fav oldie but goodies, H&M bracelet.