Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Sequin Skirt Story....

So a few months ago while catching up on some of my favorite blogs I came across the below picture with the Beckerman Sisters and my favorite, the Jenna Lyons.  I was so envious that they got to meet her at the opening of the J Crew in Toronto but was quickly distracted by that AMAZING skirt!!!!  It was the perfect lime green color, so fun, and perfectly styled with that simple striped shirt.  I searched for it on the J Crew site and couldn't find it, oh the disappointment.  So fast forward to today.  I was taking a browse on the Glitter Guide and saw a picture of the skirt only this time it was for sale, YESS it would be mine. *Heels clicking* Then reality sets in, the price $695, six hundred and ninety five dollarssss?????  Who has that kind of money to spend on a skirt, apparently a lot of people since some of the sizes are already sold out.  Ah well, I guess I will have to look for the similar yet more affordable version.


  1. OMG - I saw that skirt in the catalog that I just got in the mail and thought THE SAME THING! I don't get J. Crew though - $700 for that skirt, really? I too will wait until H&M come out with a look alike, and I will snatch that up.

  2. That is slightly extravagant for a skirt, but it is truly amazing. The color is beyond!


  3. What a goooooorgeous skirt.
    Green is really becoming something.
    Love it.


  4. Such a great skirt! I'm sure there will be other options out there as Spring rolls into stores.


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