Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now This Says I Love You.....

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I couldn't help but post some fun gift ideas.  I would be fine just staying home and having a candle lit dinner.  However, if I absolutely have to pick something that I want, twist my arm :), any one of these would definitely say I Love You.....

This bracelet I have been stalking at J crew.

Any Essie nail color in red or pink in lieu of the day.

Cute nighties never hurt anyone.

I couldn't resist adding this bright pink bag.....


  1. Your blog is so crisp and clean. And hmm I really haven't rocked Pepto Bismol pink nails ever...hmmm idea to try... =)

    xx THE CHEAP

  2. I love the bag. It's such and electric shade of pink.

  3. Pink reminds us summer and sea! SO PINK SO SUMMER :D


  4. Love the bracelet and the bag!


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