Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Jumpsuit....

For those of you that regularly follow my blog you know that I am super excited about the return of 70s style.  The high waist pants, the flowy bell sleeve tops, the platforms, all of it!  There is one trend that I am on the fence about, the jumpsuit. Now I do own a jumpsuit that I wore here, however there are also dressy fuller leg version which I love the idea of, but once on body am not sure about.  Now I haven't tried one on so I will take my own advice about trying things on before I judge.  But I'm curious to know, what's your take on the jumpsuit?

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  1. if you have the confidence of "hell yea, i'm in a jumpsuit" you can probably pull it off...

  2. Really nice jumpsuit!!

  3. I love jumpsuits on people who are 6' tall, otherwise I'm typically skeptical on the idea, as people end up looking frumpy. BUT, I'm not going to lie, I peeked at your denim one and love it. Looks flattering and comfortable.
    Now expanding my jumpsuit opinions! ha. Thanks

    Happy Friday!

  4. This is hot! I want it, i'd wear it, and rock it. To bad it's sold out in my size :(

  5. OOO I love this jumpsuit! I would totally wear this!
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  6. i love the jumpsuit trend but it's definitely difficult to pull off properly. i'm usually pretty fearless when it comes to fashion, but i'm even wary of trying out a jumpsuit!

  7. I love them! I have lots because they're so easy to wear, a whole outfit in one - just accessorize!

    xx Cristina

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  9. Tres style! Bravo! ;)
    Angela Donava

  10. I'm so excited about the return of the 70's in fashion too, this jumpsuit is really cool.. great find!!

  11. Love the 70's as well...this particular jumpsuit is great...Just as long as you are tall and thin...!
    Love your site!
    XO Carrie

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