Monday, August 8, 2011

All The Stars May Have Aligned....

Do you ever have those moments that you feel is just meant to be?  As you know I have slowly been decorating my house and its been more on the very slow side lately.  Since all the great summer sales have ended it has given me the opportunity to focus a little more on decorating.  I don't know if you remember but awhile ago I posted this bed and didn't know where it was from.  I kept the image in the back of my mind and wanted to find that bed or something very similar.  Welllllll, I was browsing eBay this weekend and I think I may have found a company to do a version of this bed for me.  Nothing is set in stone but I am SOOO excited about the possibility.  Stay tuned....


  1. So gorgeous! the construction and design are both stunning.

  2. If you do will you be sharing the info? Would love to know.


  3. Nice post!
    Bookmarked :)

  4. Wow, that bed is amazing!!! The foot board just makes it so special.

    ♥ Gina Michele


  5. Love this so much.)) You have such a cute blog.!!!.))

    I need your help (maybe again) .)
    Can you white me your favourite blog?.))

  6. It's gorgeous and has a very womanly vibe to it. Please keep up posted.

  7. I love that bed! It's so rich and enchanted! It reminds me of the movie Marie Antoinette and her amazing house she moved to!


  8. Absolutely gorgeous surroundings! I love that bed.


    Erin @

  9. Oh how beautiful! I'm obsessed with upholstered beds lately :) Love your blog. You have lovely style.

    - eliesa


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