Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dear Marni for H&M...

I was so looking forward to finally getting a piece of the lovely printed goodness that is your brand. I wrote the date on my work calendar months ago when the collaboration was announced, and I even did some research to determine what one item I absolutely had to have once launched.  But today came and so did my day job so I was only able to arrive to look for my long awaited Marni piece at noon.  I walked very fast, short of a light jog, to you and alas there it was the rack for the Marni with NOTHING left that was on my wish list. *Sigh* Ah well, maybe next time.  However, if more of the collection was still there this is what I would have bought.


  1. Sorry you missed out Jen! I did not even attempt to try and find anything! One time when H&M was doing a collaboration, I happened to be at the mall. There was something akin to a Disneyland line maze right in the center area of the mall wing - complete with security. Ummm. No thanks.

    xx Vivian @

  2. The only item I really wanted from the line is the dress you have posted above, but I also didn't attempt to brave the H&M crowd to look for anything. I can only imagine how crazy it must have been in there that morning...



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