Monday, March 19, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures.....

This past weekend wasn't as productive as I would have liked for it to be.  I really wanted to paint the frame for the bed that I bought for my guest room but it was damp all weekend, so I decided to wait for a warmer more dry weekend.  I did attempt a craft project. I made a fun little bracelet that my boyfriend said looked like a child's craft project, and my animal head obsession continues with this fantastic gold ram that I scooped up at Home Goods.  Boy do I LOVE that store!  What did you all do this past weekend?


  1. That ram's head is super cool! Great find! I had a pretty crazy weekend...celebrated my birthday and St. Patty's Day, needless to say I was EXHAUSTED on Monday, haha! ;)


  2. OMGosh that gold ram head is SO cool! I'm going to HG tomorrow to look for one myself!

    xx Vivian @

  3. Loving the ram! sign of the Aries!
    Have a great tuesday!

  4. I love that gold animal head. I've been looking for a cool gold or white animal figure for my room.


  5. I can see your creative spirit... Love your style and choices!

  6. WOW thats som Ram's head. I Love oddities like that


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