Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hail Mary....or Maybe Just Zara

Ms. Mary Katrantzou has taken the women's fashion world by storm with her uniquely printed goodies that seem to match but not match all at the same time.  If you have seen her collection you know that they are like works of wearable art, but are also very expensive.  When Top Shop did a collaboration with her it was exciting to know that I too could own one of her pieces.  Well not only did it sell out quickly but the retails were still a bit to high for my budget.  Well in walks Zara, not only is this dress reminiscent of her designs it seems to be super affordable too.  It hasn't been available for purchase so it has either sold out already online or hasn't been for sale just yet.  But if the retail is anything close to last seasons tulip dress collection this one is right up my alley.


  1. I love the structure, color and print in this dress. It has a whimsical feel.


  2. Love this dress from Zara!!! Beautiful fabric when seen and felt in person...

  3. Zara has been killin the game this season - loving this dress - definitely will keep an eye out for it!!!


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