Monday, September 17, 2012

A Second Chance of Sorts......

So several months ago I was in LOVE with these shoes, here.  At the time they were way out of my budget, then went on sale and were still way out of my budget, but I never forgot about them.  Well, over the weekend I stumbled upon a shoe sale at Nordstrom, and saw these beauties.  They were so reminiscent of the sky high heels that I loved months ago and now another chance and on sale none the less.  So I did what any other female in my shoes would do.  I bought them.  HA!  I wore them today and I loveeee them.  So if you loved the Guiseppe's as much as I did, but didn't have the cash for them this pair is a perfect substitute, absolutely comfortable, and a great value!

Orange available here and here, Peacock blue available here, and Black here


  1. I'm obsessed with oranges right now, love. I have a similar wedge with the twisted bow on the front. Love them.


  2. nice post.


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