Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tourist in the Windy City....

Quick post today.  I have been enjoying a short get away in Chicago.  This is what I wore on a very unsuccessful thrifting adventure.  I hope you all had a great 4th!

Style Tip:  No matter how cute the wedges, its probably not the best idea to wear them while trudging around the city.   They will make for a cuter outfit but for me comfort is key when touring a new city.  :)

Old Navy Shirt, Jrew Crew Jacket(old), Blank Denim Shorts, Lanvin Wedges, Bag Inc handbag, MK Watch


  1. Love those shorts, and totally get you on the comfort tip! I've been running errands in heels lately and my feet must hate me for it!

  2. I hope you enjoyed Chicago. I just went there for my birthday a few weekends ago! I love the outfit. I can definitely relate on not wearing wedges or heels for that matter around the city. My feet were killing me when I got back to my hotel!

  3. Oh no, sorry thrifting here didn't go well. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the trip.

  4. I know. I am so bad about that. I always wear the wrong shoes! I've gotten better though. A couple winters ago, my friends and I went out and they wanted to go shopping. I did not! I wanted to go drink. I wasn't wearing the right shoes for shopping. I was wearing heeled boots and these girls will shop for hours! I had a drink at dinner, but not enough to numb my feet. By the time we left I could barely stand and I've never heard the end of it. I've been kinda broke for a while, they are the only winter shoes I own except for my sneaks. But now they always tell me "don't wear those boots!". I need new shoes so bad. Anyway, the wrong shoes, can ruin the day.

    sorry to hear you had an unsuccessful thrifting experience:(


  5. I love the patchwork denim shorts with the army print jacket. Very casual and cool. And oops on the wedges- I've totally done this more times then need be.


  6. Welcome to Chicago! Hope we were most accommodating to you...Although your feet hurt...it's a super cute outfit!


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