Monday, October 5, 2015

Wedding Wear....

This past weekend one of my good friends married the love of her life.  It was beautiful, magical, and full of love.  In the past couple of years I have become one of those people that buys fancy dresses without an occasion to wear them to.  I am somewhat of a fancy dress collector, each dress waiting for that special occasion to make its debut.  Well, this dress is one of those that has been hanging in my closet for several months waiting for the perfect occasion.  This was the weekend.  Meet Stacy, she made me feel absolutely glamorous and despite her being the longest dress EVER I loved taking her for a spin.  Its a new week everyone lets go!

Tory Burch Dress old but love this and this one, Forever 21 Earrings love these, Lippie NARS Red Lizard here in my opinion the best classic red EVER!


  1. Love the dress! Just like you, I buy dresses and then wait for special occasions to wear them to.

  2. That dress is gorgeous! So elegant.


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