Saturday, January 16, 2016

For a Rainy Day....

Happy 2016 everyone!!  Its absolutely ok to tell people Happy 2016 for the whole month of January, right?  We all at one time or another wished that we had a pair of rain boots.  Some of us actually went out and purchased a pair because the bottom of our pants legs had been wet one too many times and the rest of us just silently curse in our heads each time we have to run to or from our car in the rain.  I have always wanted a pair of classic red rain boots and this pair from Aigle does not disappoint. Not only are they French made, they are the softest most comfortable pair of rain boots I have ever had the pleasure of wearing.  I chose a simple oversized sweater and dark denim for this no fuss look that you too can create.  Head over to Aigle Boots and use my 20% off coupon code, JenniferBWF,  to purchase your pair because let's face it we all know you are so over wet pant legs.


Aigle Rain Boots c/o my pair here , AYR Denim, Banana Republic Sweater here, Michele Watch


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