Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Over the Moon With....

The half moon manicure also known as the reverse french manicure!  I saw the below images yesterday while taking my daily blog browse over to The Cherry Blossom Girl.  I remembered seeing this manicure style on Rihanna but the way Alix executes them is flawless, especially the blue and gold combo.  I have to try this sometime soon and from the looks of the YouTube video I found here, it seems easy enough to do at home.  I think the only tricky part may be finding some great color combos.  What do you think of this look?


  1. ooh! I did that last year for Xmas! So fun but I'm terribly at doing them myself at home. Happy New Years Jen! Can't wait to be shopping twins again next year!

    xx Vivian @

  2. loving everything about your blog!
    keep up the great work in the new year
    happy new year from COSMICaroline!
    and stayed tuned for revamped outfits and new COSMICaroline looks in 2011!


  3. i'm in love with these fingernails(: lol.

    hello there(: i happened to stumble upon your blog and i'm absolutely in love with your pictures! i must try this style sometime and yes yes the blue and gold combo is my favourite!

    if you would ever like to consider or would like to be featured on my blog i would love to do a post on yours! (:

  4. I love this type of manicure, I can't wait to try it!

  5. I absolutely love this look, definitely gonna try it out for myself. Thanks for sharing these totally gorgeous pictures.


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