Monday, December 20, 2010

It May Be Cold Outside But Jeffrey Is Heating Up....

Have you all seen the new Jeffrey Campbell Spring/Summer Collection?  I know most of us can't wear these shoes for a few months when it warms up again, but I couldn't help but give us all something to look forward to.  And hey, maybe its still not too late to put in some last minute requests to Santa.  :)  Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. RE: Anthro Sale - LMAO - oh but of course I did! errr... well BOTH my sister and I did. We shopped in store AND online! I'll have to post my scores tomorrow! :)

  2. oh.oh! photo number 2. winner. love the geometric wedge with that cowboy boot like upper.

  3. i love how beautiful and not crazy expensive JC shoes are!!! :)


  4. The green ring is really nice and those boots wahouu
    Jeffrey Campbelle is awesome !

    KIsses from France.

    Olivia & Mariam

  5. love love love JC!!! can do no wrong! great post

  6. thank you for posting this = inspiring to the max!

    <3 mvv

    Expedition of a Modern Viking Vixen

    p.s. i invite you to enter my giveaway :)

  7. Some fierce options, thanks for sharing.
    I have a giveaway that I think you'd like, too!

  8. I LOVE Jeffrey Campbell. Those cutout wooden wedges in the 2nd picture are just too cool. Liking the blog! x

  9. love all of these! especially the last ones!


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