Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Its a Turban Thing.....

I am seeing the turban pop up more and more on many of your blogs.  I remember seeing this on Carrie, of course, in SSTC 2 wondering if it was going to go mainstream.  Well like most things that are too forward for the time, a few years later they end up everywhere.  If done right this can add a fun fashion element to your outfit.  However, if done wrong you can really end up looking like a train wreck.  What's your take on the turban? Better yet that cute little girl in the first image?  :)

All images via We Heart It


  1. that maroon turban is just stunning, they make marvelous headpieces!

    great post :)

  2. That is one of the most adorably stylish mother-daughter duos I've ever seen! Love the turban, I'm trying them in baby steps with a knit winter one for starters!

    xx Cristina

  3. I'm totally feeling the turban look lately. They have some super cute ones at Urban Outfitters I am contemplating on buying. Love the looks you found!

    I'm also having an Anthropologie giveaway on my blog. Would love for you to enter!

    Along Abbey Road

  4. yea! first picture is super cute! >.< hahah the lil girl has the attitude!


  5. i love the leopard turban <3

  6. I agrees - sometimes they can look awesome - othertimes its bow your head in shame time! ha ha. though all the pics you have put up make them look totally awesome!


  7. That bright red turban in image 3 looks so cute with her short hair, it's prefectly accessorized. I'm too scared to try one, but I also don't wear hats or anything in my hair, so I'm a little boring. I say, if it matched your look that day, ROCK IT!


  8. Not for me, but I love the daring bold ladies that do rock em. Very stylish and adds so much to a simple outfit.

  9. I think the turbans look great!
    The lady in the first picture looks the best with one :) x

  10. love all these pics and turbans!! really great inspiration :)

  11. Hmm...I think I'm liking this turban style.

  12. The little girl is tooo cute!

    I love the turban look but, thus far, my attempts to rock this trend has been a major #fail! =/

  13. awww aam loving that first picture :)


  14. Train Wreck. Little girl in the first photo is cute.

  15. My mom has been wearing turbans for years, whether a top trend or not, and she always rocked them!! Haha I don't think that I would wear a full turban because I cut my hair really short, but I would consider a turband.

    Live Life in Style

  16. love the turban look - wish i could pull it off

  17. I love the stylish mother with her daughter in the first picture

  18. June Ambrose and her daughter are fierce. I started seeing her wearing turbans YEARSSSS ago, then she started styling them on everyone else. I'm trying to fight the trend, but I'll eventually give in. I know it lol.


  19. the turban is def a fun accessory
    it adds a nice touch to a look =)

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