Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY: A Little Rock and Roll...

I have another one for you all.  I don't post a D.I.Y for weeks and now I have 2 in one week.  This D.I.Y is not quite as cute and girly as the one I posted on Monday but I think that its such a fun easy idea.  As I am probably one of the last people on the planet that doesn't have an iphone so I can't do this for myself but if any of you do and try this let me know how this turns out.

P.S.- Have any of you bought anything from the Missoni for Target collection?  Man that stuff sold out like hot cakes.  All I wanted was that fun zig zag quilt and its no where to be found. :(

Directions here


  1. ohhh! i want to try this so badly!


  2. No I didn't get anything, and I'm still in a bad mood about it..hmph... cool DIY
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  3. :) i also don't have an iPhone. Still BBing it up over here. i was going to get one this month but why spend hundreds of bucks on a phone when you already have a phone?

    also, i weeped about missoni. i was stupid, and just left an item in my online cart assuming it would be there later on. it wasn't. then i went to target yesterday-everything gone. shocked but pleasantly surprised at suburban PA's keepin' up with the jones's. :(

    ps, !

  4. How neat is that!!! Fierce, as Tyra Banks would say! Ha.


  5. That's cool but looks a little thick to be sticking in pockets or clutches!
    I went to the Target 20 minutes after opening on Tues and snatched a makeup bag and some heels (featured on my blog today). That quilt was gone, along with the towels I was wishing for.


  6. All I wanted was a ruffle pillow. Oh well.

  7. That's haute! I've gotta hook mine up.

  8. Wicked!!

  9. woooooooooowwwwwwwwwww sick!!!


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