Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Found Them...

Do you remember this post, here, when I talked about a shopping trip that I took to Old Navy?  Well, I was browsing their site again today and I found that FANTASTIC polka dot shirt that is a MUST for fall.  I even found those SUPER cute heart sweaters!  The best part is that each of these items are under $25.00, what a steal!!  So if you love them as much as I do, get one or get them all.

Get yours (in order from the top) herehere, and here


  1. really like the polka dott shirt too!

  2. That polka dot shirt is super cute. I've been seeing a lot online lately. I really like the contrast on these heart sweaters also.


  3. I got the polka dot sweaters and hearts!!! For the price is really a great deal!!!


  4. I totally need to go get the heart sweater before it sold out. I seen a polka dot shirt at Nordstrom Rack that is very similar it was $19

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