Thursday, September 5, 2013

And There It Was....

Like many of you I love to stop by Blair's blog, Atlantic Pacific, to see what cute ensemble she has come up with.  One of the outfits that she wore at the beginning of the year, here, stuck out in my mind.  I loved the print but when I looked at the brand I immediately knew it wasn't in my budget.  Well, fast forward to Labor Day weekend and I am doing my usual walk through the mall when I found myself in Ann Taylor.  I never go in this store because its usually a bit too dressy for my everyday style, but this time it was different.  On the front table I saw a small collection of what was seemingly the exact same print that I loved almost 6 months ago but at a fraction of the price.  Check them out!





  1. I noticed that printed skirts and pants are in this fall, I have seen a few in more affordable stores which makes me happy. I am trying not to overdo the printed pants. So far I have two but am itching to get more

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