Monday, June 21, 2010

Its a Jungle in Here

As you all know I've been having lot of fun decorating my house. It has definitely been a time consuming project but I know will be totally worth it in the end. The one piece of advice that I remember from the many design blogs that I read is to take your time and buy things you LOVE. Hence, the time commitment. Who knew it would take so long to fill your house with things you absolutely love? I did get a little ray of sunshine over the weekend when I found this cute bird table cloth that I had been eyeing at Target. Not only was it on sale but there was only one round table cloth left waiting just for me, it was like the design gods had been shining down on me. One of the big trends that I have seen through my search in home decor has been animals, and they are everywhere, on pillows, curtains, knobs, chairs, and rugs! What is your take on this trend?

My new table cloth!

Close up...

Cute owl door stop

Then pillow......

I love the color of this duvet! It is a little out of the box, but still very cool.
Images via Anthro and Urban Outfitters


  1. I love this trend!! my favorite is the comforter with the giraffes!!

    xo Lynzy

  2. Great picks! I definitely like to wait for something I love! I threw out the hubby's old sofas and we went sofa-less for almost 8 months before we got an affordable custom-made sofa.

    Love the pillows especially!

    xx Vivian @

  3. aww that is so cute! and hope your bday was amazing.

  4. I adore those pillows!



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