Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nostalgia: Perfume Bottles

There is something about the look of perfume bottles that makes me think of elegance. I remember being a child and smelling all of the perfumes that my mom had on her vanity. She was always dressed up when spraying on her scent for the day, she was a double sprayer one on her neck and the other at the front of her blouse. I longed to be old enough to spritz myself with perfumes like my mom. Oddly enough now that I can afford to have many perfumes of my own I only use Amazing Grace from Philosophy. What is your favorite scent?

Image via flickr


  1. WOW this is sucha acut ephoto so inspired by this bottles
    keep in touch!

  2. I know they say not to judge a book by it's cover, but oftentimes I judge a perfume by it's bottle. I find a perfume so much more attractive if it's in a beautiful vintage feeling bottle. I've been really into the bond perfumes lately - I adore Chelsea Flowers and Union Square.

  3. I concur - I want to collect perfumes pretty much for the packaging alone. I tend to like citrus fragrances :)

    Anyways - just stopping by to say thanks for showing love to my DIY Miu Miu tights on Diamonds & Tulle's post featuring Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit. You can check out how to do it at ;)



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