Thursday, June 24, 2010

Return to Sender

So now that I have a more permanent home I have been contemplating the thought of getting a return address stamp. As a child I would help my mom stamp all of her monthly bills with her self inking stamp. I LOVED that job! Now and days everything is electronic and snail mail is mostly a thing of the past, but the child in me still just wants to stamp the few envelopes that I mail each month. After looking at a couple of sites, I must admit that stamp designs have come a long way from my mom's self inking office depot days. Happy Thursday everyone, one more day until the weekend!!!

Stamps can be purchased here, here, and here


  1. I enjoyed reading your blogs. Nice photos.

  2. i love the idea of a return address stamp...all i need is to own a home ;)

    great blog!


  3. I want a return address stamp so badly! I think they're absolutely darling.
    xo Josie


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