Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love High...but Buy Low: Ann Demeulemeester

So, my love high but buy low post was quite popular! With that said I have another quick one for ya! I have seen a couple versions of the open toe buckle wedge boot one by Ann Demeulemeester, which I have seen a few times on Jane from Sea of shoes, and the other from Opening Ceremony. The Ann D shoes, are a whopping $1225.00 and the Opening Ceremony version, is $785.00. I know, it should be illegal to pay that much for shoes! I was browsing on shopstyle when I found the perfect version that we can all afford available here from Dollhouse. I love these shoes, however there is a pair of boots I am eyeing at the Anniversary Sale. Happy Wednesday everyone, we are halfway there!


  1. it bad that I won't pay more than $100 for shoes? haha...

  2. @ cashmere and it bad that I would???? LOL!!!

    Jen :)

  3. LOL!! If I had more than that to spend I would too...

  4. those are great shoes. love it^^

    tks for leave comment in my blog, really appreciate it.
    hope u can follow me back :D


    hug and kiss^^

    PS : check out my new post, hope you like it

  5. awesome shoes!

  6. Oh man, I am about 15 years too old for these, but they sure are fun to look at! XO!


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