Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sequins and Fur From the Collection

I just received the new J Crew catalog in the mail this week and the new Fall product looks amazing!!!! A new catalog means a new Collection online, I couldn't wait to share my favorite looks with you. Short post today but ending with some gorgeous images. I love all the sequin pieces, they are so fun and unexpected. Which pieces are your favorite?


  1. love the look of the two last pictures :)

  2. i have a skirt very similar to the one in the first picture and i have not idea what to pair it with! thank for the inspiration! you have a very cute blog! :D

    xx, christen

  3. I added you to my Bloglovin' :)
    Really like all the pretty girly sequin too.

  4. I was just OOHing and AHHing their catalog recently. If a girl had tons of mula, it would be spent here :)

    xo Lynzy

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  5. Everyone's been raving about the new JCrew catalog and I don't know why I haven't gotten mine! I signed p online months ago. I may have to pop into the store for a look-see and maybe try on a few pieces too! ;)

    xx Vivian @

  6. I like it! If you want, follow my blog too. I've started it a few days ago and I hope I'll have soon more "followers". Thankyou!


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