Monday, July 12, 2010

This is Bananas!!!

For the past few weeks I have been all about eating berries. There is such a small window that you can really enjoy the fresh crops of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries that are in the grocery store every week during the summer. This past weekend I took a break from the berries and was able to try this recipe for banana pudding. Just a word of caution, this recipe tastes just as good as it is fattening but it is worth every calorie. I followed the recipe exactly, the only update I made was to crumb the cookies and sprinkle on top the pudding mixture. Other than that its super quick and super easy! Happy Monday!


  1. No please... don't post this.. I'm so hungry! and I'm on diet!! (no.. I should, but I'm not..) :p


  2. WOW. So I love bananas and I KNOW I would love this. <3

    xo Lynzy

  3. ba-na-nas! this looks so delicious!

  4. Looks great, I will have to make this for my boyfriend, he was just talking about banana pudding!

  5. I know this recipe like the back my hand....I recognize my girls banana pudding from miles away. I got to a point where I made this so much everyone got tired of it.

    So a couple weeks ago I made a concoction of banana pudding cupcakes. Great thing about the cupcakes is you can pass them out to people and share the calories :) LOL

    Will post sometime next week.

  6. I'm not much of a banana pudding kinda girl, but this looks delishhh!


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