Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happiness for me...

Is finding a purse you have been looking for that you foolishly put back on the shelf the first time you saw it but couldn't get off your mind.  Only to return and it was gone the next couple times you checked for it.  Well the shopping gods were on my side with this one.  Check out my newest purse purchase, isn't she a beauty?


  1. I know that pain all too well. Happened to me a little while ago and after calling every Bloomingdale's store in the nation, I finally found it on eBay! No feeling like it in the world! Great bag! Great color! Love the tumbled leather look.

  2. She is lovely!!! I know how you feel....yeas ago I saw this perfect linen blouse at Banana Republic....I was just starting out and thought $98 was a little steep for something I really had nowhere to wear it to.....I dreamt of that the time I saved up enough $ was gone:(

    Years ago, and I mean..ohhh.....20 or more, and I STILL think of it.....glad you HAVE your special find:)

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  3. so gorg! and yes ive been in that predicament b4!

  4. Great bag -I call that shopping Karma. If leave something on the shelf, go home and think about it and come back and it's waiting there for you - it was meant to be! Enjoy your new treasure.

  5. What a gorgeous bag! congrats! That always makes me happy :)


  6. looooove the bag ;)
    liking your blog

  7. That is a gorgeous bag... it's kind of like the bag I use for Uni, now that I think about it! I think I posted a photo of it a few months ago... Bahh you can't really see it but the point I'm trying to make is that great minds think alike ;) Hahaha!


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