Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Twisted Belt...

I don't know if this is technically a trend or just a new twist on an classic staple, but I'm seeing it all over.  The belt has gone from extra wide, back down to medium, and skinny but with a twist.  This look has popped up in all avenues from the print adds of J Crew to the outfits that all the fashionistas wear daily.  I tried the twist here, and loved it!  I will definitely be trying to incorporate this look more for the Fall.  Guess that means I need a few more belts, and a little inspiration.  :)

images from: here, herehere, and here  


  1. LOVE the color tone on the first photo.

    Jose C.


  2. Oh I LOVE that snake belt at the end!! And i really like this look! :)


  3. When I go vintage shopping, belts tend to be way too long, so this is definitely an easy way to make it work! Love these looks

  4. Love the twisted belt, first saw it on my fashion-forward friend Ginny, and knew if she was doing it everyone would be! XX!

  5. Am loving the twisted belt look myself and have used it as an excuse to buy some belts! Come check out my blog at:



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