Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dressing the Walls

I have been on the fence about what to do to the walls of the entryway of my house.  Do I paint or do I paper?  There are advantages to both, if I paint I can easily change the color for any updates, but if I paper there are just so many unique looks that the walls can have.  I am really leaning towards wallpapering.  Yea, I know right?  I said it, but really its making a come back and its not your mom's awful floral pattern from the 80s its actually really cool.  While I'm still deciding I found a little inspiration.

All wallpaper via


  1. So many great still undecided whether to go for wallpaper or a large canvas ugh... :)))

  2. hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog!! just checked out yours and I am liking it. I like this post on all the different wallpapers. Following you too..


  3. I say the 5th wallpaper choice is my favorite, but i'm partial to black and white.

    Good luck!

  4. the second and last i love. i agree wall papering takes more guts but is definitely more fun!

  5. love these walls, i need one like that!

  6. i love the first one! maybe becouse of the piece of furniture that is pretty cool!
    thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! i'm happy you liked my blog! remember you can keep in touch with my blog via blogger, bloglovin or facebook!

    xoxo from rome

  7. beautiful inspirations!! the fifth is my favorite!


  8. Wow those are all so beautiful!

  9. I had the same problem but I went for both a feature wall with wallpaper and paint on the other walls. Love your picks xoxo


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