Thursday, March 4, 2010

Down The Pipeline: March 2nd Edition

So I know I said I would only do the Down the Pipeline edition once at the beginning of every month but I saw this commercial last night that I just HAD to blog about today. It's really a double whammy for TARGET. Gosh I love that store! They have really blazed the path for co branding and now everyone, I mean everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. Any who, I was in between segments of one of my many shows when a commercial, that was a visual over load, grabbed my attention. After about 5 seconds I knew that it was a Target commercial, as they have very unique way of advertising. Every piece that I saw was printed and gorgeous....there were comforters, tea cups, and plates, oh my! Anything that you could think of was printed with bright and bold patterns. At the end of the commercial I finally saw that Liberty of London was making its way to Target on March 14. Now I don't want to claim that I have heard of this brand, but after taking a quick look at the website it seems to be the "original" Anthropologie. The concept seems to be more of less the same concept, a store filled with everything from clothing to housewares, but a little more on the pricey side. I will be there to check it out, will you?

**All images from Simply Stated

1 comment:

  1. You weren't joking when you said bold. Damnn.

    We need some men's fashion up in here, wha wha!


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