Thursday, March 18, 2010

I *Heart* Blogs: Beautiful Things to Share

I am in love with this whole blog world. What a great concept, a forum to share with the world all the things that one loves and enjoys. I came across this new blog today, Beautiful Things To Share It is EVERYTHING feminine and girly and is one that I will add to the pictures section of my site. Charmaine, has a great eye for what she calls all the beautiful things in life and she is right. I have included some of the cool imagery from her site. If you love all things beautiful, and what girl doesn't check out her blog.

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  1. Wow!! you are too kind. thank you so much for your very nice compliments! i really do appreciate them. you made my day! i see your new to blog world. welcome, it is a beautiful experience. your blog is looking beautiful. keep up the good work. thanks again! have a fabulous day! :)

    God Bless,


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