Monday, May 3, 2010

I've Never Seen Barbie So Chic!

As I was browsing on Net a Porter this weekend and dreaming of all the high end clothes that aren't in my budget, I came across this. Yes, it’s Barbie wearing Christian Louboutin heels! I couldn't believe it and wanted to know the genius who came up with this new marriage in fashion heaven. What a way to reposition Barbie and bring a fresh new look to the 51 year old brand! If I had an extra 150 bucks I would absolutely buy the one with the fringe boots. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. isn't that pink fringe booted barbie to die for? love love it!

  2. I KNOW!!! I wish I had one of my very own.... :)

  3. I like the one in the cat suit. She is fierce!


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