Friday, July 27, 2012

Japan Week 1: Through the Instagram Lense......

What a world wind this week has been.  I can't believe the time is flying by so quickly and my first week here is already over.  :(  As I mentioned in my last post the weather here has been so hot but everyday we still hit the pavement, sweaty and all to take in the sights and sounds of this wonderful country.  Here are a couple snaps from my first week here.  I hope you all had a great week and enjoy and even better weekend.

1. Our first stop daily, the Yokohama Train Station.
2. Lines and lines of handles for on board passengers.
3. Vending machines line the streets here like Starbucks x10.
4. The "Sunbrella" also known as the umbrella, a VERY important accessory here.
5. Yummy muffins from my trip to Tokyo Disney
6.  Since there is a lack of space inn most homes baking is a luxury.  There are tons of bakeries all over to fulfill your pastry needs.
7. Just me.


  1. Those muffins are so cool!! Wow didn't know you were going to Japan! How exciting!

  2. Nice look i like so much the combinations and style.

  3. those muffins look delicious!

    p.s. be sure to enter my jewelry giveaway! you get to pick the prize ^.^

  4. I have always wanted to live in Japan if that doesn't happen I will definitely be visiting one day. Your pics are awesome. The muffins do look good

  5. These pics are amazing! You look like you're having such a great time. Cute pic of you too at the end. ;)

    You Like It? I Made It!

  6. I love Japanese pastries, they are so fresh and yummy. Have you vending a beer yet? lol Super cute dress.

  7. Gorgeous photos. I would love to visit Japan if I were given a chance. I'll definitely fly there in a heart beat.


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