Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Could Heaven Exist in a Cake?

Well if it can't then I came pretty close to it this weekend. I stumbled across this fairly new cake shop to Dallas called "Nothing Bundt Cakes". This has got to be one of the best Bundt cakes that has ever crossed my lips. Upon entering you are greeted by a very friendly, very perky staff. The concept is fairly simple, a lot like my cupcake favorite Sprinkles. There is a menu of all the flavors of the day, and in the center of the menu is the flavor of the month, which is Lemon Raspberry for February. You know that I had to try it. After forking over $3.99 for the Bundtlet,which is the smallest size you can buy, I immediately ripped open the packaging and went to town. Let me tell you it had just the right amount of lemon, with just the right amount of raspberry, and it was the best cake that I have had in awhile. I did very quickly learn that the flavor of the cake gets even better if you let it sit out at room temp for about 10-15 minutes which is outlined on their website. If you are ever in the Dallas, area please stop by this wonderful little surprise of a cake shop. You will not be disappointed!

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