Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Furniture: I Love It, But I Can't Afford It

So I have been perusing the web for a few new pieces of furniture. And let me tell you there is a lot out there, but its the never ending scenario, you find it, you love it, then you look at the price and can't afford it. I have really been into the vintage look but somehow the word vintage automatically makes whatever piece you are looking for more expensive. It must be that whole supply and demand thing that is driving up the prices. Anyway I can keep dreaming. Check out a few accent pieces, I have my eye on:

1. Lark chair, Gussychairs
2. Teal Art Deco Dresser, Poppyseedliving **I don't care for the hardware, I would change them to something cute and not so art deco looking**
3. Red Dresser, Poppyseedliving
4. Ikat Couch, URBAN

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