Monday, April 19, 2010

Check and Check

Well 2 out of three is good right? So I have to tell you about my weekend. I was SUPER excited for Sunday to come so I could get my Cynthia Vincent for Target shoes. I had my shopping list already in mind so that I would not be distracted. After my quick Sunday work out I was able to get to Target by 11:30. I dashed to the 1st Super Target closest to my house and NOTHING, they didn't even have the shoes out! I went to Guest services they said they didn't even have the shoes in the stock and was able to get the next closest location that had the shoes available. Well I went to the next store and NOTHING!!! Again there were no shoes out. I went to the operator and after waiting for about 20 minutes, as they had to pull the shoes from the stock room, I was finally united with my Cognac colored shoes! I was the 1st person in the store to purchase them. I am so excited, they are so cute, and the pics on the Target website don't disappoint! The "window" shopping didn't turn out to well either. I did make a purchase. I got this Banana Republic bag and it's beautiful. I can't wait to take pictures with my new shoes and my new bag...2 different outfits of course. Happy Monday everyone!

P.S.- Sorry Jen I will have to try your sweet potato dessert another weekend. :(


  1. I love those shoes!!! I want them! I can now wear open toed shoes to work without hose! =)

  2. girl they are a hot commodity and are very hard to find.... I know what you mean about the hose though....LOL!!! I don't know if I ever want to go back.


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