Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Counter Toppers

For quite sometime I have been doing my best to have a uncluttered counter top in my bathroom.  Since I don't consider myself too much of a neat freak it has been quite a challenge keeping it clean.  I think that getting a tray, so at least all my stuff is limited to a smaller space, will help.  I LOVE the vintage Hermes tray that I have seen on many a blog but hear that its next to impossible to find and if you do find it, they are a small fortune. I found the below trays but they are still a little pricey, looks like something I may be able to execute on my own.  I feel a DIY coming on.


  1. i love trays in the home - they create such a beautiful clutter! i bet etsy has some great ones!

  2. @ Audrey....yea I did a quick check there today. I'm sure that I can find something there. If not then my local thrift store should have something.


  3. Very cute. It would be great to see a DIY on these tray!


  4. They're a nice touch!! I think it would be a great DIY! xoxoxoxoo

  5. I would love to own these, so cool!

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