Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love high...But Buy Low

While at the mall this weekend I saw quite a few cute new fall shoes.  Some were on their first marks but the ones that I really liked were regular price and not even close to being in the budget.  Figures, it always happens that way right?  I did, however, stumble on a pair of shoes that were an almost perfect match for the Derek Lam lace up sandal that I contemplated buying at the Barney's Sale a few weeks ago. Believe it or not the shoes I found are from Carlos Santana and were $99, at Macy's of all places!


  1. These are cute. Would look very nice with skinny jeans!

  2. If only I could find such bargains, here in India! I used to blog at FabBlab, but this is my new blog: http://www.seren-dip-a-tea.blogspot.com/ Please follow :D

  3. these are so awesome!
    i wish i could walk in heels! haha!

    xx, christen


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