Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love High..but Buy Low

So most of you loved the picture that I posted on Friday, and even more of you loved the wedges that were pictured.  Well I liked them a lot too, and while at the mall over the weekend to my surprise I found a pair that were the exact same style as the ones in the photo.  The ones in the pic from Friday appear to be the Jeffrey Campbell Tick Wedge which retails for about $200, the more affordable option that I found was a mere $30 from Forever 21.  I checked online and unfortunately they were not available there, so you will have to go to your nearest store to see if they have a pair.  I am so excited that I found these and can't wait to wear them.


  1. These are really great, Ill have to go to my F21 and really see if they have any in the store, I was just there on the weekend, didnt see any :(

  2. Wow these are HOT!! and I cant believe how similar they look to the JC tick!!


  3. Sweet deal! Forever 21 has the most stylish shoes!

  4. This is how i live my life friend. Cute shoes.


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